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                         In memory of our beloved Daisy 1999-2013

Here's Missy..... sweet as she can be. Loves herding and playing with Koda.

 Family Member as of August 2013

Meet Koda, our new boy. He is full of energy, loves people and as you can see is a clown. He also has a passion for landscaping:). Loves to go to the Hesperia Dog Park everyday.


Meet Buddy...newest family member as of Jan. 2015. Half corgi & half min-pin. Loves to herd and thinks he is a border collie. Adopted  from Pets Forever Found, Apple Valley, Ca.

Hesperia Dog Park now open!

Hesperia Dog Park opened Oct. 2015. Open Daily with a small dog area separate from the large dog area.All dogs must be spayed or neutered and socialized. Bags provided for owners to pick up after their dogs.

The only thing Missy wants is her corned beef!


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Fire Fighters/Burn Victims Charity @ The Moose Lodge 1808, Hesperia,Ca                                                 7/28/2012

Happy Halloween from Daisy, Sam, Sparky and Missy. Be sure to watch Daisy on YouTube!!


                   Sneak Preview of Missy's Costume


                   Watch Daisy on YouTube below......

                    Fearless Border Collie with Spooky Treats...


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See Sam 2010

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